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Sarantis Bulgaria with FINO supported the cleaning of Vitosha mountain. Over 25 m3 of trash was collected by over 400 volunteers

21 JUNE 2022

On June 18th, Sarantis Bulgaria supported over 400 volunteers who collected over 25 m3 of garbage from Vitosha Mountain.

This is the first event from the initiative entitled "Together for a Cleaner Vitosha", with which the organizers from Concept Creative and Sarantis Bulgaria aim to unite institutions and volunteers in various campaigns for the improvement of conditions in the mountain and taking care of nature.

The participants in the initiative cleaned the ski area and the area of the lift facilities with gloves and garbage bags, provided by FINO - brand number 1 in the category of garbage bags in Bulgaria*. There were 3 FINO points where the waste was handed over and trucks were provided to transport it.

FINO also gave an additional incentive to volunteers for waste collection, as everyone who registered and handed in bags full of garbage had the opportunity to receive attractive prizes.

The selected areas are the most visited places in the mountain and after each winter season the waste there is significant. For this, the idea of the event is "to combine the useful with the pleasant and set a good example by sharing a pleasant walk in nature with family and friends, and at the same time collect the trash we see on our way” - share the organizers and invite more people to include in future campaigns.

*Nielsen Bulgaria KAI Dec 2021

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Sarantis Group launches its new eco sunscreen line supported by its brands Carroten, Αstrid, Κolastyna & Elmiplant

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