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So Scandal!

23 MARCH 2020


She walked past me without even a second glance.

A storm in just a tuxedo jacket, and her bare legs.

Like an endless compass that one would follow to the end of the world. So sexy.

As she strolled by, I saw them all stop mid-sentence.

A shock in slow motion. So scandal-ized!

Faintly amused by the silent turbulence she sowed in her wake, she heads straight to her table, the one with her gang. Unapologetically determined that the show goes on, her attitude had no latitude for discretion or reserve. This woman lives on in my memory, to the point of obsession: her perfume, So Scandal! by Jean Paul Gaultier.



Languidly pleasing pleats, round hips and a tiny waist, legs akimbo the up side is down.

A handmade scandal.

A pink sap courses through this objet, like the life juice of a dangerously irresistible fruit. The design, the drapery, this bottle sets the scene for a story that is meant to be written all through the night and maybe even into day break.

Trouble and troubling sensations guaranteed.



The color of a grand cru, intensely raspberry, almost bordeaux.

Velvety shades. For a colour that colours the night with couture, sound in two parts: So Scandal! by Jean Paul Gaultier. It’s perfectly clear, and it sounds like a champagne cork explosion.



The very essence of a scandal.

Orange blossom, so bright, Sambac jasmine so opulent and tuberose so powdery: a threesome of white flowers that one could have sworn would deliver an angelic sweetness.

And boom! It’s a bomb of all that is sensual!

Juicy raspberry, a gourmet milkiness with sexy undertones presses all the carnal buttons. A simple aphrodisiac, a deadly weapon that’s deeply erotic.



Daphné Bugey and Fabrice Pellegrin. It’s not their first tango.

She says "freedom is to be unafraid".

He has his own motto engraved on the back of his watch, "carpe diem", as if to better savour the scandal he created with his partner in crime.

#BeScandal @jpgaultierofficial

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